NTUC Finest

NTUC Finest is known to sell local produce in their stores. You will be able to find leafy greens, herbs and eggs from the local farms at NTUC Finest. They have about 14 stores across Singapore so do drop by these stores if you would like to buy some local produce. However, the consumer will face some challenges in identifying local produce because of the lack of clear labelling of the origins of the produce. The varieties are not consistent across stores as well.

Based on our research so far, here are some of the brands that we’ve come across in some of the outlets:

Sky Greens: Nai Bai
Yili Vegetation and Trading: Xiao Bai Cai, Chye Sim Hua, Sharp Spinach, Kang Kong
Kok Fah Technology: Xiao Bai Cai, Baby Kai Lan, Baby Cai Xin, Baby Spinach, Red Spinach,
Oh Chin Huat Farm: Dill, Rosemary, Sweet Basil, Mint, Italian Parsley Thyme
Green Nature Ecological Technology : Dou Miao, Alfafa Sprouts, Radish Sprout, Wasabi Sprout
Chiam Joo Seng Towgay Growers: Rootless bean sprouts, Soya Bean Sprouts
Seng Choon: Fresh eggs and quail eggs
Chew’s: Eggs
Jurong Frog Farm: Frog Meat

Note: Availability of these products varies from outlet to outlet.

Click here for a list of NTUC Finest stores.

Sheng Shiong

Sheng Siong has 34 outlets across the country. Often hidden in the heartlands, Sheng Siong offers a wide selection of fruits, vegetables and seafood. One of the reasons why we like to visit Sheng Siong is because of its competitive prices. Shopping for local produce is a breeze because Sheng Siong labels ALL of their fresh foods so that you know exactly where your food comes from. If the labels are not found on the price tags, they should be found on the products.

Mouseover pictures for captions.

Click here for a list of Sheng Siong stores.

Updated on 7th October 2014


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