Why Eat Local?

There are many benefits to eating local food produce as it can help reduce carbon footprints and help create a sustainable food system. Ever since we started going local, we began noticing the difference in the foods we consume. Considering that food is fuel for the body, we should be more aware of what goes in to our food especially since imported foods are likely to have gone through processing to extend its shelf life.

Here are some reasons why you should go local:

1) Reduce Food Miles The farther we are from our food source, the more complicated the supply chain becomes. Your bak choy has to travel thousands of kilometres before it reaches your table?! This burns fossil fuel and is energy-consuming. By eating local, we can reduce the carbon emissions of food production and transport and contribute to a sustainable means of living.

2) Greener, Better and Fresher

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If you’ve been following our Instagram @SGfarming, you will know that we recently made pesto sauce from some locally grown basil. We also bought basil that was made in Malaysia but we found that 80% of the basil were rotting or spoilt. The price difference between the two brands were just a few cents! We ended up chucking all the rotting basil. Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Left: Locally grown basil , Right: Basil made in Malaysia.

An interview with a farmer from Kok Fah Technology Farm once revealed that it takes about 4 days for produce from Cameron Highlands to travel to Singapore and 1 day to deliver the produce to the local distributors. Produce will spend another day in storage before it finally gets sent out to the shelves. This means that you’re probably purchasing foods that are older than what you can get. Local food has a shorter time between harvest and your table so you can be assured that they have more nutrients, are greener, better and much much fresher.

3) Safer Food Supply Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset Buying local produce also means that there is lesser chance of contamination. Food grown overseas are often at a higher risk of being contaminated in harvesting and packaging processes. In order to withstand long travelling conditions, it is likely that imported foods have to go through processing with the addition of preservatives and additives.

4) Support your local economy IMG_2454 Photo Credit: @jcoded

The money that is spent on local produce and local farmers will go back to businesses and services in the community. By taking small steps, we can help maintain a great source of food from our local farms. They are more than ready to supply us with produce! It is up to us to provide the demand for it.

5) Support local community coverphoto By buying local, you know that your food is harvested fresh. You can identify with your local farmer and understand where your food came from and the practices they use to harvest crops. Ask questions and you’ll find yourself finding out a lot more about the local food industry.

As we import more than 90% of our food supply, food security is an issue for Singapore due to our dependance on imports for our food supply. Local farms contribute to Singapore’s food security as a sustainable means of food production. However, our local farms only make up 8% of our food supply. By eating local, we can ensure that a steady demand can be created for our farmers to continue providing fresh and wonderful produce.


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  1. Thanks for the overview on Singapore. I have long promoted eating local but haven’t thought about it applying to such dense urban areas as Singapore.

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    1. SG Farming says:

      Hi Michael! There are limitations in Singapore but we try to achieve balance in our diets where we can 🙂 We just updated the site with info on where local produce can be bought!


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