What You Can Find at Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market

10467014_1465042370420114_5772394396504109121_o Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market is back! Following the successful inaugural weekend market that saw more than 4,000 visitors back in June, the Kranji Countryside Association is holding the second edition featuring a wider range of fresh, locally-grown produce and locally-made artisanal foods. We had such a great time at the market the first time round and it was truly a feast for the eyes. There was so much to see and do and there were fun activities for the kids too. Here are some highlights of the upcoming Farmer’s Market:
1) Fresh Local Produce

There will be 30-40 stalls selling local produce such as organic vegetables, quail eggs, fresh fish and goat’s milk. Produce offered at the market include vegetables and herbs from Quan Fa Organic Farm, Kranji Agrivista, Skygreens and Yili Vegetation, quail eggs by Uncle William, chicken eggs from N&N Agriculture, fresh fish from Metropolitan Fishery and goat’s milk from Hay Dairies – all locally-grown in the Kranji countryside. The market will also feature local urban farmers such as Comcrop who will impart knowledge on how to grow your own vegetables and produce in an urban setting. Do look out for the delicious goat’s milk, fresh vegetables, banana bread, roast pork and more. Those were our favourites finds and the veggies were among the first to get sold out at the last market!

2) Local Food Innovations and Start-ups

Other yummy products from local farms include the famous banana bread and tapioca chips from Bollywood Veggies, frog meat skewers from Jurong Frog Farm and wheatgrass noodles from Kin Yan Agrotech. You will also be able to find GSH Conserves (jam), Hunter’s Kitchenette (nut butters), Mofo Chili (chili), Amuse Projects (teas), Eastern Granola (granola), Citizen Pops (soda), Lins Smoodees (smoothies) and Theo10 (natural skincare). Being Singaporeans, we will suggest to have a taste wherever you go! The vendors are friendly and more than happy to provide samples to all market-goers.

3) Workshops

This time the market will also be expanded to include informational workshops on topics from urban farming to smoothie-making. This will be held in the Farmer’s Square section where kids and adults can enjoy themselves with some hands-on activity. There will be crafts, community outreach and kids activities. Thow Kwang will also be back again to provide fun workshops for the kids. The best part is that there will even be volunteers to watch them while you shop!

4) Booze and Wine.. And More Booze. Tired from all that shopping? Head right over to that chill-out zone for some booze. There will be wine tasting, craft beers and farm-to-table food in a relaxed bistro setting. – Based on our experience, here are some things to look out for at the market:
Photo by: Life in The Wee Hours, http://lifeintheweehours.com/
1) Be early. Fresh produce and foods were flying off the shelves and things were sold out pretty quickly at about 6pm the previous time (the event starts at 4pm). Also, the place will definitely be packed with people so it helps to be early so you can snag up the better parking lots. Uncle G's Roast Pork
2) Bring Cash All the vendors will be handling their money individually so it’s unlikely that there will be any NETS machine or ATM machine for you to withdraw money. Make sure you bring enough cash otherwise you can say goodbye to that savoury roast pork.
3) Be Patient Sometimes the booths may get swamped with people so be kind and patient while they tend to other customers. The vendors try their best to explain and educate all market-goers when they can 🙂
Farmer’s Markets like these are great for raising awareness about eating local produce. By supporting our local farms and produce, we can save food miles, reduce our carbon footprint and be closer to our food sources. This means fresher, cleaner and greener foods. Hopefully, through more of such collaborative efforts, we will be able to establish stronger food security and a more sustainable means of living.
Don’t forget to save the details!
Date: 4-5th October 2014, Saturday and Sunday Time: 2 to 7pm Venue: Nyee Phoe Gardenasia 240 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718898

5 Comments Add yours

  1. Areta ong says:

    Hi, can I know when is the next event cause I am keen on participating.


    1. SG Farming says:

      Hi! It’s actually happening this weekend 🙂 Details here:
      Date: 4-5th October 2014, Saturday and Sunday
      Time: 2 to 7pm
      Venue: Nyee Phoe Gardenasia 240 Neo Tiew Crescent Singapore 718898


      1. Areta ong says:

        It is kinda of a rush. Is there any more after this weekend.


      2. SG Farming says:

        KCA organises the farmers’ market on a quarterly basis so the next one should be some time next year 🙂


  2. abby says:

    When is the next event for 2015?


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