Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market Line-up

Here’s a sneak preview to the activities and products to look out for at the upcoming Kranji Countryside Farmers’ Market, which is happening next weekend (28 an 29 June) at D’Kranji Farm Resort.

Photo credits: KCA, Bollywood Veggies, Hay Diaries, Quan Fa Organic Farm, Hunters’ Kitchenette, Kin Yan, Metropolitan Fishery Group, A.muse Projects, Eastern Granola, Uncle G’s, Thong Kwang, Uncle William’s, Daily Juice.

Bollywood Veggies (
Located in the rustic Kranji countryside, Bolllywood Veggies is a ten acre organic vegetable farm that is also to home to popular café, Posion Ivy Bistro. Its biodiversity, including animals and insects, is popular with nature lovers.
What they’ll be selling: Delicious bites from Poison Ivy Bistro, including banana bread & tapioca chips. Also look out for the BV’s launch of the book “The Kampong Garden: Ways of the Gentle Warriors”, you will definitely want to grab a copy!

Hay Dairies (
Hay Dairies is a small goat farm that produces goat’s milk for sale. The farm uses the latest milking, pasteurising, homogenising and bottling machines to produce very fresh goat’s milk, which it sells directly to customers.
What they’ll be selling: Goat’s milk (original & chocolate).

Jurong Frog Farm (
Another popular farm with visitors, Jurong Frog Farm produces fresh and affordable frog meat throughout the year. It is also the only manufacturer of the Specially Selected Dried Snow Jelly (Hashima) in Singapore.
What they’ll be selling: Hashima.

Quan Fa Organic Farm (
An organic vegetable farm in Murai Farmway and one of the leading distributors of organic fruits and vegetables in Singapore, Quan Fa subscribes to ecological agrarian methods of farming,
abstaining from the use of pesticides and harmful fertilizers, to produce only the freshest food crops that are both nutritious and healthy.
What they’ll be selling: Organic vegetables: Leafy greens (cai xin, xiao bai cai etc.), sprouts (freshly harvested on the spot), hardy vegetables (bitter gourd, white radish etc.), potted herbs and seasonal fruits (banana, papaya, mango etc.)

Kranji Agrivista
Also located in Kranji, Kranji Vista is another farm that grows organic vegetables. They sell produce to their neighbour Bollywood Veggies for Poison Ivy Bistro, and also retail their produce for the public at Bollywood Veggies on weekends.
What they’ll be selling: Organic vegetables and herbs.

Uncle William’s (Lian Qah Hang Farm) (
Uncle William (aka Uncle Quail) runs Lian Wah Hang Farm, which was the first, and remains the only game bird farm in Singapore. Speciality breeds at the farm include the widely popular quail, pigeon, guinea fowl. The farm’s main business is in the sale of eggs and meat of the various bird varieties.
What they’ll be selling: Quail eggs.

N&N Agriculture (
N&N Agriculture occupies a 13-hectare farm in Lim Chu Kang. It has more than half a million hens, producing an average of 400,000 eggs a day. It is a high-tech, bio-secure farm in Singapore.
What they’ll be selling: Chicken eggs.

Kin Yan Agrotech (
Kin Yan is Singapore’s largest commercial organic wheatgrass farm. Other crops like fresh edible cactuses, aloe vera, mushrooms as well as roselle fruits are also grown on the farm.
What they’ll be selling: Organic vegetables, mushrooms and wheatgrass noodles.

Metropolitan Fishery Group (The Fish Farmer) (
This Singapore based fishery company is located in the Straits, nearby Lim Chu Kang and is equipped with 30 caged fish nets and fully equipped fish farming facilities. It is Singapore’s largest marine fish farm. The farm produces Grey Mullet and Milk Fish.
What they’ll be selling: Fresh fish.

Comcrop (
Singapore’s first sustainable urban farming project – Conceived by The Living! Project’s urban farming collective. A community project that grows organic greens and herbs.
What they’ll be selling: Fresh tomatoes, herbs and value-added products such as pesto and mint jam.

Edible Gardens (
Edible Gardens champions the “Grow Your Own Food” movement in land-scarce and import-dependent Singapore. They design, build and maintain food gardens in tropical urban Singapore. They use sustainable natural growing methods, resource recycling and waste minimisation.
Activities: Learn how to grow your own veggies at home.

Urban Agriculture (
An online retail store that supplies pots/planters, as well as a variety of vegetable/herb seeds suitable to be grown in our tropical weather.
What they’ll be selling: Microgreens.

Plant Visionz (
Urban growers specialising in edibles, gardens and orchids.
What they’ll be selling: Wall and pot planters.

GSH Conserves (
GSH Conserves is a small, independent Singapore company that makes delicious jams from tropical fruits.
What they’ll be selling: Jams.

The Hunters’ Kitchenette (
Hunters’ Kitchenette is a local nut butter company that makes nut butters without any chemicals, using natural, minimally processed ingredients.
What they’ll be selling: Nut butters.

A.muse Projects (
A.muse is inspired by the beauty of tea. A.muse is a specialty tea specialist that does interesting tea blends.
What they’ll be selling: Teas.

MOFO Chili (
MOFO CHILI uses only the freshest ingredients, taking close to seven hours to create. MOFO CHILI provides chili as it should be – with pure spiciness and delectable heat. MOFO CHILI is vegan and vegetarian friendly -­ so no pork or lard.
What they’ll be selling: Chili condiments.

Eastern Granola (
Eastern Granola makes cereal inspired by Southeast Asian flavours. So there’s lots of tropical fruit, plus additions like nutmeg, curry, chilli, lime and even fish sauce. Their cereal are made with good old fashioned butter and sweetened up with a serious dose of gula melaka.
What they’ll be selling: Granola.

Daily Juice (
DAILY JUICE focuses on providing quality raw nutrition by cold pressing vegetables and fruits at a reasonable price. They also package their juices as cleanses. They are conveniently located at Raffles Place. Update: They will be operating on both Saturday and Sunday.
What they’ll be selling: Cold-pressed juice.

Infuusa (
A small outfit that makes cold brewed teas for active people.
What they’ll be selling: Teas.

Theo10 (
Theo10 develops 100% natural topical balms that are manufactured in Singapore and distributed worldwide. Theo10’s products have been approved by Singapore’s Health Science Authority.
What they’ll be selling: Natural skincare products.

Thow Kwang Clay Artists (
Thow Kwang is the home to clay artists as well as one of the last surviving dragon kilns used to fire ceramic products. The traditional art of wood firing is kept alive by Thow Kwang, and pottery is a main focus here.
Activities: Get a taste of the art with a potters’ wheel.
What they’ll be selling: Pottery wares.

Rhinetic Knick Knacks (
Rhinestic’s Knick Knacks sells handmade goods and supplies.
What they’ll be selling: Crafts.

Uncle G’s Handmade (
Uncle G’s Handmade hopes to share that tasty food need not be complicated. They are known for their signature crispy roast pork.
What they’ll be selling: Crispy roast pork.

Etna Italian Restaurant (
ETNA is one of the 20 authentic Italian restaurants in Singapore proudly awarded the Ospitalita Italiana Gold Seal Award. ETNA serves a delightful contemporary Italian cuisine with a Sicilian touch in a semi-fine dining setting.
What they’ll be selling: Homemade breads and pastries.

Ground-up Initiative (
The Ground-Up Initiative is volunteer-driven non-profit community that values connecting with the land for the many things it teaches us. Find out more about what they do at KCFM!
Activities: Kampong games for children

Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (
ACRES is an animal protection organisation, driven by our concern for animals. It adopts research projects on the use of animals in various fields. Research findings are then used to educate the public to promote active community involvement in the animal protection movement, as well as strive towards synergistic partnerships with authorities and related parties.

Waldorf Steiner Education Association (
Developed by Rudolf Steiner in 1919, Waldorf Education is based on a profound understanding of human development that addresses the needs of the growing child. Waldorf teachers strive to transform education into an art that educates the whole child—the heart and the hands, as well as the head.


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